Hemp Motor Company Hemp Motor Company Land Rover Defender 110 Innovated Hemp Fuel

Hemp Motor Company

Hemp Motor Company

Hemp Motor Company Land Rover Defender 110

Hemp Motor Company Land Rover Defender 110 direct inject diesel 2.5L, runs on bio-fuel, including hemp

Innovated Hemp Fuel

Hemp fuel in many formats. The innovative, and eco-friendly fuel. It can grow in almost any soil, and has amazing production. Save the American Farm Land, legalize hemp!

Hemp Fuel

Hemp fuel comes as raw or treated fuel.  The raw material can be used as an eco-fiendly fuel for direct injection diesel engines.  The treated fuel can be used in almost all diesel engines similar to bio-fuel.  Learn more about our fuel by calling  208-269-8410

Hemp Automobiles

We sell the finest hemp automobiles.  Our automotive line consists mostly of direct inject diesel engines and will run all formats of hemp and bio-fuel alternatives.

Hemp Farming Legislation in the USA

Hemp farming is becoming closer to reality in the USA once again, and we are on the cutting edge of this industry.  Both with land reserves for farming hemp, and the technology to process the hemp in to fuel, and car parts.   Learn more about the legislation regarding hemp farming here: http://www.votehemp.com/2014_farm_bill_section_7606.html

At Hemp Motor Company we burn the finest fuel and offer the rarest and most eco-friendly automobiles on earth..