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We have gone through all of the various channels to confirm that indeed hemp will be legal to grow in Maine, without having to be associated with a University.  Maine has become the only state in the nation to legalize industrial hemp for commercial production, rather than just research production.  Hemp Motor Company has been […]

Hemp For Victory 2011 by xCannabis

Rules for hemp in Maine as of 02/01/2016

I am no legal expert, but I have been watching this process take place for the last 3 years.   This is their second try at legalizing industrial hemp in Maine, and this time in a viable way, that will allow folks like me to get a license to plant and farm hemp.   I wrote this […]

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HMC is sponsoring the Regulate Maine initiative

We pulled out at the last minute.  The campaign dropped on us at the last moment that an abortion lawyer would be the featured speaker at the meeting. So we did more research, and we pulled out. This is a video that I made about my thoughts while I was “crashing” the party, hanging up […]

Henry Ford's Hemp Car

Updates from around the web about industrial hemp

I will be posting blogs either posted by myself, or reposting blogs around the web regarding the emerging hemp market. We are on the ground floor of this market, being that we live in the only state in the USA that has the ability to legally grow industrial hemp crops, for commercial (not just research) […]

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