HMC is sponsoring the Regulate Maine initiative

We pulled out at the last minute.  The campaign dropped on us at the last moment that an abortion lawyer would be the featured speaker at the meeting.
So we did more research, and we pulled out.

This is a video that I made about my thoughts while I was “crashing” the party, hanging up my cannabis as a sacrament poster, that I hung up all over town.



So the information below is no longer correct;

Hemp Motor Company will be at the Regulate Maine summit on December 5th 2015, speaking to the virtues of cannabis in society.
Ryan Thompson from HMC will be presenting a short speech on why we at HMC are passionate about opening up access to ALL forms of cannabis, from recreations, to medicinal, to spiritual.  But the most valuable aspect of the cannabis plant is the industrial hemp crop.
This crop has unlimited uses to replace products that we use every day, that are much more toxic to the environment.   Hemp can replace all petro-chemical products, including plastics and fuel.   You can read more at Scientific American from articles dating back to the mid 1800’s.    Ref;

At Hemp Motor Company, we are excited to be a part of this emerging industry that has been dormant since the last world war!

Maine is the only state in the union that has a clear and straight forward law that allows for commercial industrial hemp production since June 16th 2015, when LD4 override a governor’s veto;

We encourage you to contact Hemp Motor Company to learn how you can get involved.  @ 207-530-2632

If you are an agricultural land owner and would like to put your land in a land bank to participate in this amazing experiment that will create jobs in Maine and revolutionize the entire world as we know it, contact Hemp Motor Company to learn how you can directly benefit from this emerging industry, while we at HMC do all of the work!

If you are an investor, we are selling shares during our pre-launch as a fund raiser to gain ground on creating a 1000 acre co-op of hemp farmers by June 2016!   This is an exclusive pre-launch private sale of future equity that has monumental potential!

Ryan Thompson comes from a family of farmers that raised oats and alfalfa in Utah since the 1850’s, when even back then the Mormon prophet Brigham Young implored his followers to grow hemp and flax for a multitude of essential items that were important to the pioneers.

I encourage anyone interested in a disruptive and amazing new industry who lives in or near Maine, to attend this summit, and also to volunteer for Regulate Maine to collect signatures for this initiative!

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