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We have gone through all of the various channels to confirm that indeed hemp will be legal to grow in Maine, without having to be associated with a University.  Maine has become the only state in the nation to legalize industrial hemp for commercial production, rather than just research production.  Hemp Motor Company has been working on organizing the best leaders in the various industries that we are going to be working with.  We have picked some of the best talent for the jobs that we are making for our fuel company.  We intend to grow, harvest, refine, and sell our own bio-fuel made out of hemp that will be grown legally in Maine.  Reference to the legislative rules, and what has been drafted so far by the department of agriculture.
Our facility will have the refining tools that will make the best biofuel on the market.  The microproduction model of business that we are building will dramatically lower production and shipping costs.   This savings will be passed on to the consumer.   The fuel will be compatible with any diesel engine, and will be as fuel efficient as any consumer fuel on the market.

We encourage any investors who live in Maine to get in touch with us, and get involved in the future of diesel.
Hemp Motor Company is taking on 10 investors, and no more at this time.   To get involved, write to me at:
You may try to call me on my business phone, which is 208-269-8410.  I usually do not answer, and my voicemail is often full.  So it is recommended that you write me.
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Hemp Motor Company Biodiesel stickers

Hemp Motor Company Biodiesel stickers

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Gold Creek Enterprises LLC (DBA: Hemp Motor Company) is a for-profit corporation, non-deductible donations only

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